Chinese Tuition Programme

1. Strategies

We impart strategies and techniques that help students overcome difficulties in learning Chinese. Our lessons are designed in line with the MOE curriculum and delivered concurrently according to the school’s pace of teaching.

2. Composition Writing

In addition we provide composition writing classes once a month contents, the course will cover more vocabulary and reading materials to improve on their writing skills.

3. Techniques

Various types of language training will also be provided to increase student’s vocabulary and cultivate student’s ability in understanding and solving language questions, which will eventually help students to achieve better results in their examinations.


1. 小班教学

每班的学生只限10 位,以小班教学对学生进行有效的 教学。老师可以着重于学生的弱点,加强这些弱点以取 得更好的效果。

2. 以MOE syllabus 的考试为主进行教学

训练学生运用技巧以应付考试。学生能有效的运用这些 技巧,取得佳绩。

3. 技巧

课程针对学生在华文考试所面对的各种难题,为他们量 身定做好技巧让他们应付考试。.