The Boston-Kidz Methods

1. Small class size

Most children have a short attention span. Our small group tuition is more effective than one- to-one tuition because we have taken the boredom out of learning by introducing games and quizzes into our lessons. Furthermore, having a small class size allows us to give more attention to each student and accurately identify the student’s weaknesses so as to better help them.

2. Specific methods and techniques taught

Through our worksheets, we expose students to a variety of questions. We impart focused strategies to students to teach them how to solve these questions. Students can then effectively apply these techniques in their examinations to help them ace their examinations.

3. Close working relationship with parents

We believe that parents and tutors should work together for the benefit of the student’s education. Therefore, our teachers would provide timely feedback to parents regarding the child’s performance and learning. This communication is important in allowing us to know how we can better help your child maximise his or her academic potential.

4. Qualified and committed teachers

Our teachers are screened through a rigorous process to ensure that they are both academically qualified and trained to teach your child. In addition, we give our sincere promise to you that we would help every child to the best of our ability.