1. Systematic approach

Science concepts can be confusing for some students, especially if they do not have a good foundation to begin with. Therefore, there is a need to approach the subject systematically. We present and explain the concepts step-by-step and draw links across topics so that students can comprehend the details and also see the big picture. This will allow them to have a better understanding of the study of Science as a whole and ignite their interest to find out more.

2. Active participation and discussion

At Boston-kidz, students are always encouraged to ask questions when in doubt. Our teachers would pose questions in the lesson from time to time to challenge their critical thinking skills and reinforce the concepts learnt. Through the discussions, students can not only clear their doubts but also think deeper into the issues and concepts taught. Sometimes, games are also sed to help them better remember what they have learnt.

3. Techniques to answer questions

Despite having grasped the Science concepts, many students still find that they do not score in examinations. This is because they do not know or know how to use the relevant keywords to answer the structured questions. Here, we focus on helping students master these important techniques to help them gain points in the examination.